Braces for $0 down &
only $129/month

Invisalign® as low

We are Johnson Orthodontics, and we’re about to make you smile.

At Johnson Orthodontics, your visit to our office is more than just a trip to the orthodontist. It’s an experience. We get to know you and learn your hobbies so that we can create a custom treatment plan that fits into your lifestyle and budget. Relax in our waiting room with a warm cup of coffee or treat yourself to an ice cream sandwich on your way out. We’ll take care of the rest.

The fact that you’re reading this means that you’ve been thinking about restoring your confidence by fixing your smile, or you’ve been thinking about fixing someone else’s smile. Either way, you’ve found the right orthodontist.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Your first visit is complimentary. At this appointment, you’ll meet our friendly team. Our treatment coordinator will take a couple of photos and talk to you about your smile and what your goals are. Sometimes, dentists are the first to notice that your smile could benefit from orthodontic treatment. Either way, Dr. Johnson will provide you with a complete examination. He will check your alignment, oral health, and how your jaw fits together. Then, we’ll talk about the smile you want and he’ll provide you with treatment options to get you there.

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile.

Patience is a virtue, but why wait if you don’t have to?

The sooner you start treatment, the sooner you’re snapping selfies. We offer same-day braces and Invisalign scans for your convenience.

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You’ve found the highest rated 5-star orthodontist in Colorado Springs.

Our patients love us as much as we love them.

What makes us different makes us amazing.

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Braces for $0 down and only $129/Month + Invisalign Only $159/MonthNothing should stop you from getting the smile you want. Here, we make it simple. No credit checks are required. Plus, we’re in-network with all major insurance carriers and accept FSA, HSA, and Care Credit, too.

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Life can get pretty hectic sometimes. That’s why we offer Virtual Exams. To schedule your virtual consultation, click the link below and we’ll contact you with your treatment plan within one business day!

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Interested in an affordable treatment option that’s monitored by a board-certified orthodontist and qualified staff? We’ve got your back.

What’s Included:

  • A free consultation with Dr. Johnson & the option to start treatment on the same day
  • X-Rays and imaging throughout your treatment to ensure your teeth are moving the right way safely
  • A trained clinical team who will scan your teeth using a state-of-the-art iTero Scanner
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Ready to start treatment the same day as your initial consultation? No problem. We can start straightening your smile on the same day. After all, the sooner you start treatment, the sooner you’re filling up your Instagram with smile selfies.

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Making an appointment is as easy as smiling.

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How are FSA benefits like milk, you ask? Letting them expire is udderly regrettable. 🐄 Don't cry over spilled benefits. Our team is ready to help you turn those dollars into a lifetime of confidence!✨ Tap the link in our bio to schedule your complimentary exam before the end of the year is here! 

#DontCryOverSpilledBenefits ... #Moo-veQuickly 

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🥂Here’s to the fabulous 2024-2025 brides and grooms at the Colorado Springs Bridal & Wedding Expo— Congrats on the road to ‘I do’! 🎉 we’re thrilled to be part of the journey to your best smile for your BEST day! 🤩 Dive into our story to unveil who snagged the jackpot from the Expo Giveaway ✨ 

Thinking about straightening your smile? Schedule your complimentary smile exam and we’ll walk you through your options. Link in bio 🎁

Thank you for inviting us @acsbridalexpo @cos_eventcenter 💙🖤

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🪩✨Mirror, mirror on the wall, an extraordinary New Patient Coordinator got her braces off and the first look says it all 🥹 Congratulations to our very own Vickie! 🎉🙌

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Happy Halloween! We had a spooktacular time at the Johnson Orthodontics Trunk-or-Treat Family Fest last Friday! 🎃
Tonight’s the night for trick-or-treating, but remember to be kind to those braces and avoid the hard, crunchy or chewy candy - your pearly whites will thank you later! 😁🍫
Opt for treats like regular M&M’s and Reese’s that are easy to chew, so that you can enjoy the sweetness without any scares! 👻
Have a fang-tastic Halloween! 

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Colorado Springs! Get ready for a spooktacular time THIS FRIDAY at the Trunk-or-Treat Family Festival! 👻

Festivities will include food trucks, trunk-or-treating at Johnson Orthodontics and @youngscholarsacademy, bounce house inflatables, mask-making, and more 🎃

This event is FREE for all ages and will be held at Johnson Orthodontics and Young Scholars Academy, 5850 Tutt Center Point.

Link in bio with more info 🤳 see you there!
Welcome to your confidence era ✨ this Johnson Ortho Smile was crafted with:
🤩 BRACES to close spaces and align her smile
🌟 INTERPROXIMAL REDUCTION to reshape the contact area between neighboring teeth
🙌 FRENECTOMY so that the results last for a lifetime
This Smile is Everything ⬆️✌️ 

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Smile Reveal 🤩✨
The best part of our day. Everyday. 
Schedule your free exam now at 🎉

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Nominate a Teacher, Make a Difference! 📚✏️ 
Know a teacher who could use a little extra help with their Amazon classroom wishlist? Nominate them for Johnson Ortho's Classroom Wishlist Contest! 🌟 
Now through the end of August, we're granting 3 local teachers $100+ worth of classroom supplies from their Amazon wishlists! 🎉 
Click the link in our bio to nominate an outstanding teacher today! 
Winners will be posted in our Stories throughout the rest of August. 🙌🏼📖 

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We are honored to have been voted @co_gazette's Best of The Springs in Orthodontics 2023! 🎉😁
Our mission? Easy: making smiles big and confidence even bigger, every single day. It's all thanks to you, our Johnson Ortho family, and the incredible Springs community. Your votes have our hearts overflowing. We are blessed to be a part of this community and wish you all smiles for the years to come! #Thankful 🏔️💙💛


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Your smile is everything!