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Taking Care Of Your Invisalign Trays

Posted on March 16, 2021

Invisalign treatment is a great option for adults and teens that need braces. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners are barely noticeable, can be removed to eat and drink, and for many people are far more comfortable than traditional braces.

Invisalign treatment is a system of clear trays that are made specifically for you. Each tray is changed out about every two weeks. Caring for these trays is an essential part of the Invisalign treatment process.

Take Them Out When You Eat

While Invisalign trays are durable, you should never eat or drink anything other than water while you are wearing them. The trays can become damaged and or stained from foods and beverages. Simply remove them while you eat or drink anything (other than water) to avoid potential damage from heat and staining.

Rinse Them Often

Rinsing your trays often will help to keep debris from building up on your trays. If you find that there is debris built up, you can use a denture-cleaning tablet to clean them. Never use a toothbrush on your trays. Abrasives and toothbrushes can leave behind micro scratches in your trays which can compromise the integrity of the tray.

A quick rinse with warm tap water every time you eat or drink and remove them will help to keep your trays clean.

Be Mindful of Your Trays

Keep your traycase with you when you are out and about if you plan on stopping and eating or drinking anywhere. You would not be the first patient that your orthodontist had to see because they threw their trays out that were wrapped in a napkin at the restaurant. Be mindful of where you put your trays while you eat when you are out, the case is always best.

Invisalign Treatment Should Not Hurt

You will feel some pressure from your trays, but you should not feel true pain. If you develop a “hot spot” or feel specific soreness in an area of your mouth, return to your orthodontist ASAP. Invisalign treatment from certified orthodontists is designed specifically for you but mistakes can happen. If your tray is really bothering you, go back and see the orthodontist. You may have inadvertently damaged the tray, or there may need to be an adjustment made.

Do Your Part

Invisalign treatment is an excellent option for teens and adults but it does put more responsibility on the wearer for taking care of the trays and being diligent about wearing the trays. Learn more about what it takes to get the best results from Invisalign treatment today from one of the top 1% Invisalign providers in the world, Dr. Johnson at Johnson Orthodontics in Colorado Springs!