Embracing Braces: Tips for Maintaining Confidence During Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on September 14, 2023

If you’re just now getting braces as an adult and feel awkward about it, take comfort in a few important facts. According to Humana, of the over 4 million people in the US who wear them, about 25% are adults. Furthermore, you can take a few simple steps to ensure that you feel comfortable and even stylish during your orthodontic treatment. Here’s how!

Focus on the End Result

Yes, wearing corrective gear isn’t anybody’s idea of fun, but just think about what’s going to happen when you’re done with your treatment. When you complete orthodontic care, you’re going to have straight teeth for the first time and teeth that don’t cause pain or produce a crooked smile. That’s a huge benefit and one that you should focus on during your treatment to keep yourself happy and excited!

Make Them Fun

Who says that your orthodontic gear has to be boring or utilitarian? You can instead treat them like a fashion accessory by getting colorful bands that can pair well with lipstick, clothing, and other items. Taking this step will make your treatment more fun: you can even get your orthodontist to change out the bands with different colors during your checkups!

Track Your Progress

Once your orthodontist has a roadmap of your treatment, turn it into an exciting calendar. Track your days as you wear your braces and celebrate big milestones in your treatment. Seeing how far you’ve come will help build excitement for your final result: your dream smile!

Get Invisible Support

Invisalign and other types of invisible orthodontic tools can help cut back on your potential self-consciousness by making them impossible to see. They can not only fit easily over your teeth and correct your smile but can be taken out briefly, such as when cleaning your mouth. That makes them a great option that can work well if you simply can’t feel good about your treatment.

These unique approaches can help you feel more confident when wearing braces and are useful for both adults and children. They also mean that you shouldn’t put off your orthodontic care if you’re worried about looking bad or having emotional issues. Instead, you should contact Johnson Ortho right away to learn more about the many ways you can improve this simple experience.