How Invisalign Braces Can Change Your Mood, Smile, and Life

Posted on December 18, 2020

A person’s smile is one of those things that is truly unique to them. Even though we may have seen numerous grins and rows of teeth on a daily basis, it is a bit like a fingerprint. A healthy and straight smile conveys a sense of warmness and kindness about a person that we don’t readily forget, and a last good first impression can open up many doors for individuals across different social situations. Is it any wonder then that when adults choose to correct their smiles, they opt for invisible braces such as Invisalign?

While traditional metal braces have been around longer, invisible braces are not new. In fact, more than 1,000,000 patients worldwide have been treated with Invisalign, and the number is increasing on a daily basis. This is not only because it works just as well as traditional braces, but it allows more freedom and choice than relying on a whole metal framework in your mouth.

To put it simply, Invisalign is the brand and type of braces that adults choose when they work with orthodontists to fix teeth issues. It has numerous benefits, all of which we will expand upon below so that you don’t have to ever worry about whether you’ve made the right choice when you go into the orthodontist’s office.

Reduce Anxiety

By opting for invisible braces instead of a traditional metal framework, you’ll be the only one that really knows that you’re straightening your teeth. Unlike having metal braces, you’ll never have to worry about how you look, whether food is caught in your teeth, or other common adult orthodontic issues. This results in significantly less anxiety, which can have all sorts of positive ripple effects in your life as you work toward your best self.

When you reduce anxiety in your life, you may also stop teeth grinding issues that you have. By reducing teeth grinding and clenching issues, you can prevent headaches and other common maladies from occurring.

Never Compromise Your Looks

When you have traditional metal braces, you must compromise your looks to some degree. After all, no matter how hard you try, there are still going to be pieces of metal and rubber bands in your mouth for a significant period of time. This can be upsetting to just about anyone. It is a semi-permanent fixture of your wardrobe that you will be unable to fix until the treatment is over, and you may be less likely to go out or take pictures.

With Invisalign braces, the treatment is essentially invisible and nobody can even tell that you’re wearing it unless you take it out of your mouth. This allows the ultimate flexibility in terms of your looks and fashion sense, because you can literally smile with them in your mouth and look exactly the same as you did before braces. But because you’ve chosen an improved treatment such as Invisalign, you’ll more than likely look better than before.

Great Flexibility with Food

One of the biggest benefits of Invisalign braces is that they offer true flexibility with food if you consider yourself a “foodie.” Because they are technically plastic trays that can be taken out, cleaned, and inspected, Invisalign braces are able to be used anywhere. You can eat sticky caramel food that would otherwise be unsuitable for traditional braces, clean your teeth according to your best dental hygiene practices, and then pop them back in.

You no longer need to worry about whether you go to a certain restaurant or not. You might need to carry a disposable toothbrush and some mouthwash around, but this flexibility is key. Your teeth will not change in the time that it takes you to eat, and by popping your invisible braces back in you will still be on the road to a healthier you.

If you think you’re ready for Invisalign, don’t wait. Contact Johnson Orthodontics today to learn more about Invisalign and how it can help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of.