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Who Can Use Invisalign?

Posted on March 20, 2023

Invisalign continues to grow in popularity. According to Invisalign’s website, over 14 million people have already used Invisalign aligners and that number is only getting higher. But not everyone can use it. What makes a person a good candidate? Read on to learn more.

You Need to Have a Straightforward Case

Invisalign aligners can help with a lot of situations, but they can’t correct extreme cases of crooked teeth. There may be times when you need to have orthodontic surgery or your teeth may be positioned in such a way that only braces can do the proper job of turning them in the right direction. Your dentist will do a thorough exam and tell you if you are a candidate to get Invisalign.

You Need to Have All of Your Adult Teeth

Children’s teeth can be unpredictable in how they grow in their mouths. It wouldn’t be a good idea to have Invisalign aligners in a still-developing mouth. Once all your permanent teeth are in, then your orthodontist will have the clearest picture of what would happen if you started Invisalign.

You Need to Be Responsible

When given Invisalign, you need to be responsible enough to wear the Invisalign aligners for the right number of hours each day. Since they are removable, it can be easy to give in to the urge to take them out if they are a bit uncomfortable. You also will need to keep track of the aligners and not lose them. If you take them out to eat at a restaurant, you need to remember to take them with you. Lost aligners mean lost progress. Keeping track of your aligners will ensure you are getting your money’s worth of treatment.

Your Teeth and Gums Are in Good Shape

Your orthodontist will check to make sure that you have no signs of gum disease. If left unchecked, infected gums can lead to tooth loss and other health issues. Having healthy teeth and gums is necessary to start Invisalign treatment. Once your health is good, then you will be able to begin your treatment.

These are just a few of the criteria you need to meet to be able to use Invisalign aligners. If you’re not sure, contact us today to see about moving forward with this. Our orthodontic specialists at Johnson Orthodontics are ready to start you on your journey to a beautiful smile.